It has been the driest year recorded in 125 years in North Dakota. Leaving crops in our area to suffer from many different problems. One of those being spider mites in soybeans. 

Spider mites become a problem in hot and dry temperatures. They can be very hard to see with the unassisted eye and can also spread very quickly throughout your field. They are found on the underside of the leaf and suck on the healthy portions of the leaf tissue. Spider mites cause the crops to turn a yellow/bronze color and eventually the leaves to fall off and die. 

It is recommended you check for spider mites on your soybeans at least biweekly in these conditions. You will first notice the mites on the perimeters of your field. A simple way to test if there are spider mites in your soybeans is by taking a white piece of paper and then shaking the plant over it. If you see tiny black mites on the paper, those are spider mites. If the mite problem is significant enough you will be able to tell just by looking on the underside of the leaf.
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