Attention durum wheat farmers! NDCISA is excited to promote AAC Stronghold – one of the newest Canada Western Amber Durum varieties with exceptional performance and adaptability. With its solid stem and excellent wheat stem sawfly tolerance, AAC Stronghold is the solution you’ve been looking for to achieve higher yields and better quality crops.

AAC Stronghold is a top-performing variety with a range of impressive features. It has high yield potential and short, strong straw, making it well-suited to areas with high winds and other environmental challenges. Its solid stem provides excellent resistance to wheat stem sawfly, a common pest that can cause significant damage to crops.

In addition, AAC Stronghold has a good overall disease package and high test weight. Its low grain cadmium content is another benefit for growers. With its adaptability and exceptional performance, AAC Stronghold is the perfect choice for durum farmers looking to maximize their yields and improve the quality of their crops.

At NDCISA, we stand behind our mission to provide farmers with top-quality seed and support research, extension, and educational programs to promote crop improvement practices. AAC Stronghold is one of the latest addition to our line of high-performing seed varieties.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to grow this exceptional variety! Call us at 701-838-6213 or 701-838-8215 to get your AAC Stronghold certified seed. With NDCISA and AAC Stronghold, you can be confident that you’re getting the best possible yields and quality for your durum crops.