We are excited to introduce to you the latest in spring wheat varieties: CDC Landmark VB! This high-yielding semi-dwarf wheat is rated I to Fusarium head blight, and is also tolerant to the orange wheat blossom midge. With its semi-solid stem, CDC Landmark VB is well-adapted to the wheat-growing regions across North Dakota, Eastern Montana, and Northwest Minnesota, making it an ideal choice for this area! 

CDC Landmark VB is sold as a varietal blend of 90% CDC Landmark and 10% AAC Viewfield, which provides a refuge area for non-virulent midge to survive at low levels, thereby extending the useful life of the SM1 midge tolerant gene. Plus, it’s exclusively licensed to NDCISA, so you know you’re getting top-end yield potential and peace of mind. 

This short variety, carrying the SM1 gene, is suited for any farmer looking for top-end yield potential! You won’t want to miss out. Get your certified seed of CDC Landmark today! Call NDCISA for more information at 701-838-6213 or 701-838-8215.

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